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Foot massager



Features  : 

1. Remote control, more simple operation.
2. Special 60 kinds of biological electromagnetic waves and ultra-long wave, act on feet and different part of body for different need of user. 0-32 levels of strength adjust can fit different user.
3. Kneading massage with infrared heating can effectively promote blood circulation, eliminate muscle strain.
4. Electrode pads are good assistant to health care, massage and release toxin.

5. Output A-shi power by special waves, combined with different fitting, it can gain better effect.

6. Multicenter output, can individual adjust different strength.

Function :

1. It’s suitable for foot and body healthcare. 

2. Raising the temperature of soles. 
3. Improving the blood circulation. 
4. It could get vas and points of body through, activate nerve cells, adjust the function of organs. 
5. Remitting the joint pain and muscle fatigue. 
6. Boost immunity of body. 

7. Slimming body.

Accessories : 

1* Machine 

1*Remote control 

2*Connect line 

2*Electrode pads (4 pcs )

1*Test pottle 

2*Plastic board